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Ways to improve the front of your home

When it comes to your home, the first impression counts and serves as a benchmark for the rest of the house, especially for those who haven't been inside. Fortunately, there are various simple tricks to help give your front yard…

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Top-rated Building And Pest Inspection In Brisbane AU

Fire safety around the home this winter

Keeping warm and safe during cooler months of the year also means being alert to indoor health hazards. It is important to remember that there is a huge difference in how you run your home when the weather begins to…

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Looking After Your Swimming Pool In Winter

Looking after your pool in winter

Although the Queensland summer is over for another year, we hope at some stage you’ll get some use out of your pool in this sunshine state of ours! As the cooler weather approaches, don’t fail to properly maintain your pool.…

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Winter In Brisbane

Preparing your Brisbane home for winter

If you’re up in Northern Queensland you might not notice much of a change in weather, while Brisbane will definitely feel a chill in the air by now. As our lifestyles naturally change with the seasons, so should our homes.…

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DIY Pre Purchase Building Inspections

DIY Pre Purchase Inspection

When shopping for a property, it’s a good idea to do two types of checks; the first is your own DIY appraisal and the second, if you’re serious about the property, is to bring in the professionals who can ensure…

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Meth Labs In The Suburbs

Are You About To Buy A Former Meth Lab?

You’ve finally done it! You’ve stepped out of the rental market and you are a heartbeat away from purchasing your first home. The location is amazing, the building and pest inspection came back all clear, and the corner café makes…

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