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DIY Pre Purchase Building Inspections

DIY Pre Purchase Inspection

When shopping for a property, it’s a good idea to do two types of checks; the first is your own DIY appraisal and the second, if you’re serious about the property, is to bring in the professionals who can ensure…

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Snapshot On Brisbane Property Market

An outlook on Brisbane’s Property Market

Is It time to buy, hold or sell? As the housing market continues to soften, interest rates creep up and banks tighten lending standards, it's the million-dollar question many Queenslanders are asking themselves. According to industry experts, population growth in…

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The Hidden Cost Of Buying A Home

The Four Hidden Costs of Buying A Home

Unless you’re an experienced home buyer, purchasing a property is no walk in the park. The hidden costs of buying a home can soon overwhelm you, and if you’re not prepared, blow you way outside your allocated budget. Do the…

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